Just Lucky!

Four Leaf Clover Vectors by Vecteezy

Can you hear my cheers of happiness from where you are? That would be me putting the final touches on my next novel, Just Lucky. I’m making a few final tweaks before sending it to beta readers.

Are you interested in being part of my team of beta readers? For your efforts you’ll receive a signed copy of the paperback and my undying appreciation! The novel is currently running around 71,100 words and is a contemporary romance with hints of the paranormal. There are also tasteful but explicit sex scenes.

I gave a brief synopsis of the storyline in a previous post but here’s a reminder:

Lily Vincent is a forty year old, recently divorced, Midwesterner. One day, while out trying to find an apartment on her meager salary, she stops in the local convenience store and buys a mega-millions lottery ticket. Later that night, she is stunned to discover she has won $365 million.

Fast forward to the town of Ballymeade on the southwest coast of Ireland where Lily has purchased, sight unseen, a large parcel of land that includes a lighthouse, cottage, and two large outbuildings–one of which is a whiskey distillery. The first night on the property she meets her tenant, Evan Connor, a forty-two year old, drop-dead gorgeous movie star who wants nothing more than to get out of the movie business and devote his time to making whiskey and having a simpler way of life.

Sparks fly from their first meeting, and while Lily and Evan are mindful of their hearts, it isn’t long before romance is in the air on the beautiful shores of Ireland. This story is about two people, both searching for their purpose in life, all with some spicy romance for good measure! Add in some local characters from Ballymeade, an aging starlet who has set her sights on getting Evan back in her life, and four witches from centuries past who give Lily sage advice for living her best life.

Lily thinks for once she’s just lucky–but maybe now fate plays a hand.

If you’re interested in giving me feedback on the draft, all that’s required is your honest appraisal of the novel: character development, pacing, story flow. Basically, is it something that you enjoy and holds your interest? Let me know by dropping me a line at nikkilongwrites@gmail.com and I’ll give you more details and a contract to sign.